Founders: Live Marketing, Client Attraction and Growth Workshop Tuesday, June 25, 12:30pm EST


The Proven Blueprint To Creating A

$20k-$30k/ Month Business

In 2024

All Taught In This Power Packed Workshop

The FREE Workshop Is For...

Founders, Business Owners and Team Leaders That Want To Create Predictable Growth And Customer Acquisition In A Saturated Market.


“I know I need to niche down, but I don't know how.” 

Not all niches are created equal, so let's clarify your target audience and niche down to position you the RIGHT way.

“1:1 coaching? Group? Build a course? How long?” 

Get clear on the BEST way to deliver coaching to get your clients the results they need, while giving you the freedom you deserve

“How can I make sure my clients get great results?” 

Learn the systems we have used to coach over 700 clients so you can be confident you'll get results with anyone you work with.


“How do I find my ideal clients and help them see they need my help?” 

We will show you the best "fishing holes" of 2024 to help you find clients and connect with them in a way that you won't have any competition.

“I put 'good' content out, why am I not getting clients?!” 

Learn the social media strategy that helps generate 10+ leads a week for our coaches, without spending a dime on advertising 

“I don't like chasing people down to work with me.” 

Learn how to properly message and position yourself, so that your ideal clients REACH OUT TO YOU on a daily basis.


“How do I price my services/programs?” 

Learn how to properly position and price your programs for thousands of dollars, even if you are BRAND NEW.

“I don't want to be a sleazy sales person.” 

Learn the 13 step "non-sales" framework that has helped 19-year-olds, first grade teachers, grandparents, and even Rabbis enroll clients at prices like $3k, $5k, even $8k

“I just really hate sales, will this work?” 

Learn the 2 min daily exercise our clients use that helps even the biggest introvert learn to love sales (...this is not a joke!)



Nick Alter

It has been a blessing and privilege to work with several incredibly talented teams to serve hundreds of brands over the years, helping them win their place in ever more crowded and unforgiving markets. Seeing so many owners, founders and executive teams struggle with revenue, market share, adoption and so on had me questioning everything I knew about marketing, business development, sales, and, generally speaking, growth. Years of research and active participation in these areas for organization after organization has led to the creation of ThriveSide, a maturity model and framework for predictive, sustainable growth.

Architecting and working with both for profit and not for profit, the effort is to blend all aspects of life together with a mission to serve faith, family, and community. We are called to be good stewards of God’s abundance, to love others and to serve well, so that’s my endeavor.

My wife and I have two boys we often refer to as adorable chaos. Our mission - raise kind, creative, productive, faithful men with a heart for others. My mission, with all of you, is to create a place for their generation and those after them to thrive. Let’s go!

Frequently Asked


How much time will I need to dedicate?

On average you shouldn't need to spend more than an hour (45 min of training and 15 min of implementing). We've specifically designed it for busy people with complex schedules, so the recordings of the trainings will be available, so you can review them and everything is doable on your own time if necessary, although we encourage you to show up to as many live sessions as possible in order to interact with Nick and the team to get the most of the workshop.

Why would you do something like this for free?

Let's be honest, this world is sick and it needs more coaches coaching full time to heal it. I've made plenty of money in my career already, so I just want to make sure you are getting out there and doing good work. When you get great results from our free content you will have money to hire us in the future. I am a firm believer that what goes around comes around, in the end.